Got basted by tulips and no tv signal screen

Riffling through my new (lifetime!) diary-like inspiration book from Taschen today, over coffee time in Exarhia, the artistic, yet notorious neighborhood in downtown Athens, I noticed a 1968 ad from Croshire-Austin Leeds clothing company : “We hand-cut the cloth.Then we shape it.And baste it.And sew it.And button-hole it.By hand*.”

Coming back home, I had my creative flare…what if I change my today’s look, monotone and basic //ok with an extra shiny element of princess’ charm, ImageImage

into something more floral and colourful, contrast to the grey surroundings, just like what the sign above me indicates “COLOURFUL”.

Et voilà!ImageImage

* Ok, I have to paraphrase it: By Photoshop.


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