Did I forget to take my pills?

The last couple of days my mind is set on Damien Hirst…and the The Void series. I can recall walking through Tate‘s sterilised rooms, last May, full of prescription pills installations and clinical atmosphere. I could be a part of the exhibition these days; minus the atmosphere.

Fashionably speaking now, Damien Hirst teamed up with Olsen twins‘ brand The Row to recreate the brand’s famous Nile crocodile rucksack with his most recognisable patterns…dots and PPPPills. This is the first of e-retailer’s Just One Eye series of curated artistic partnerships


…and the u-l-t-i-m-a-t-e accessory for someone like me now. So, please please write that in your gift list. It’s for my health!

I have to go now..my mum is coming with her friends to take care of me…;)

01m11mHave a nice Sunday evening…and stay away from sick people..


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2 comments on “Did I forget to take my pills?
  1. Eva says:

    I wish you get better soon, but I love how you used your illness as an inspiration for this post. Great semi-transparent coats.

    • Thank you Eva…after me now my laptop is sick too and i am wondering what kind of inspiration can I get now from this not-so-easy situation..hmm..maybe a pre-web era,as i feel like living in another century these days…hahaha..there is sth romantic though…

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