Feeling like my friends don’t take pictures of me

Fashion blogger’s life can be really tough sometimes. Especially when you are new in the blogosphere and Helmut Newton has already passed away, Mario Testino is in L.A. for the opening of his latest exhibition at Prism gallery and notorious photographer Niovi Lak is miles away from you, you found yourself begging strangers on the streets to take you a couple of pictures or..your dedicated friends.. ImageImageImageImageImage

I really want to thank the very talented Mr Paris Pantelis & architect Mr Billy Mavropoulos of  Bureau de Change for their collaboration. This photo shooting would never have come true without their indispensable help…

P.S. Lili Petrus Vintage Kimono, Tutu skirt from Roccoco fine vintage store  in Brick Lane and Stella McCartney vintage wedges


* More footage , on Instagram

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2 comments on “Feeling like my friends don’t take pictures of me
  1. Andreja says:

    ahahah what a great post! thanks to the universe for friends who helped with the pics, they are really cool! One of my best friends is called self-timer, we hang around a lot together 😉 Thanks for the poem, it’s been a long time since I’ve read it, it is still a great one when hard time comes..

  2. […] Lane , 2 minutes walk from my house and it’s the store I got the blue tutu I was wearing in a previous post. I love this vintage store, first of all, because everything is professionally cleaned, they […]

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