I wanna find stars in a hopeless place


Looking for stars had been a hard task today. No matter the seductive means I used to praise them, dressing up in my neoprene stars skirt (Clover Canyon famous ones here & here), custom made Vietnamese star tee from Propaganda art store in Hanoi and grandma’s handmade wool arm warmers (similar here and here and here), looking all over the place for them , even at the most hopeless of all..

If you have managed to find any, why don’t you send me a link here ?

I wanna see your stars..


P.S. My star searching today took place under severe weather conditions, so I needed an appropriate head accessory…..


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One comment on “I wanna find stars in a hopeless place
  1. […] I stole his blue sky shirt, I wore my most tomboy-ish jeans, accessorised it with stripes and stars in a hopeless try to cheer myself up and I spent the day giving blank looks to birds, the clouds, my mum, […]

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