Circus & Other Stories

Yesterday was the day of getas, hats and six pack abs.  I wanted to visit the new H & M brand, & other Stories  that opened its store in Regent Street a couple of days ago and it’s the talk of the – fashion, high street – town. I can say that I haven’t seen so many stylish, cool, urban style girls all together in one place for some time…hmm..ok maybe except from Stockholm Streetstyle and Mr Scott’s Schuman blog..


After I found the perfect geta-inspired wedge flip-flop and got the ultimate summer hat, ( I won’t have a crown this summer) you can find it  here, to complete – my handmade lapin skirt, Zara grey cardigan, DVF mongolian sheep fur coat, Louis Vuitton headband and Anthropologie Everjade necklace look – we were in need of a drink. We had a glass of Pinot Grigio at the Long Bar in Sanderson


and then, tipsy enough, we headed off to Circus to have some more Pinot Grigios and read the latest cocktail news in Covent Guardian.


Even though, Ntontos has already prepared me about what we were about to see, I kept teasing him…


However, when the show started and I saw this


and this


non stop…

The only thing I could do was bow down and finish my drink.


Where are you heading off to tonight ??


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2 comments on “Circus & Other Stories
  1. alisonsye says:

    Nothing so exciting as that I’m afraid! Love your outfit, great to see a young lady with her own style.

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