Juju De Kokimo – The Introduction

 Juju De Kokimo   Athens,Greece-Spring 2013

Your attention please style conscious ladies and gentlemen!

May I introduce you to Juju De Kokimo, the brand that stole my heart forever, while attending its sales event in downtown Athens, a couple of weeks ago.

Every piece,unique· handmade in the studio next to the little dollhouse-like shop, by the designer, Jo Babari and the valuable help of her sister Patricia in sales.

Here, every garment narrates a different story, another romantic fabric journey, a bespoke making procedure, destinated to be shared with the likeminded, grateful-that-found-these-treasures and ready to commit oneself to a lifetime relationship, potential owner.

Am I being too dramatic ? These costumes made me…As Mason Cooley well put it…Clothes make a statement while Costumes tell a story

Once upon a time…


Happily ever after ?!?…Hmm only if my fairy Godmother transfers everything into my closet…

Costume De Rigueur for Juju De Kokimo – The Introduction: Floral Pink (multiple ways to wear it) silk garment, Velvet Bomber jacket (the stepping stone for this love affair), silk tunic, oversized leather tote, black floral maxi dress, Milena Panagiotova crown headpiece

Stay tuned…this fashion tale has just begun…


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