This is How We Easter – Part 2

Last Sunday afternoon, Easter’s excuse for endless food – drinking sessions continued at our friends’ backyard in Dalston. The successful recipe contained again amazing homemade food, colourful salads, sour and sweet pies, a lot of booze of course, and as every Easter Sunday that respects herself, a rolling lamb ( ok just kidding, this happens in Greece) and a lot of red eggs ( you can learn more here)
, ready to be smashed!

Goddess of Diet please forgive me ooooone more time…I promise this was the last


As I know how much you love style quizzes, here is another just for you, fashionistas.

Can you make a guess, why I am wearing this vintage leather skirt (seen here before) again?

I have three options for you:

A.I really like this skirt and I didn’t want to wear anything else?

B.Somebody woke me up really early and I didn’t have time to decide what to wear?

C. I knew it was going to make a perfect fit with the surroundings, as you can see in the pictures below?

ImageImageAnd the answer is…

Gotchaaaa…All three are correct! hahaha

ImageThese are the eggs I was telling you about…boiled and bold…

ImageImageI was listening to something really interesting, apparently…

Costume De Rigueur for This Is How We Easter – Part 2: leather skirt from Parisian Sweets Vintage Clothing, Equipment floral shirt, Wolford tights, Miu Miu bow ballerinas, Tiffany & Co palm tree necklace

And with all these celebrations and Bank Holidays, Friday has arrived earlier this week…

What are you up to??


P.S. photos by Eva Sayannou and Elisa Kriezis – Thank you so much girls!!

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4 comments on “This is How We Easter – Part 2
  1. kerrin says:

    oh these picture are just so delightful. xx

  2. Nice and simple. But look really warm.

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