Sparkling in Catlin

In the morning I went with Marina to see the Catlin Art Prize 2013 in Londonewcastle Project Space in Redchurch Street.

Catlin Group Limited, one of the world’s leading fine art insurers, is privileged to sponsor The Catlin Guide and The Catlin Art Prize, in order to support the next generation of emerging artists and so promote the art industry in the UK.


This year, we, the art admirers, have the privilege to vote for our favorite upcoming artist and help her/him win the Visitor’s Vote 2,000 prize award…and a lot of comments!

ImageJuno Calypso’s self photographic portraits

ImageBee Griffith’s nudes

ImageSteven Alan’s paintings

ImageConall McAteer’s vitraux ( and Marina)

ImageDavid Ogle’s  playing with light

ImageNicky Deeley  “A Year In The Island” installation

ImageImageAnd then it was my time to play around with these sparkling boards, created by Terry Ryu Kim…hehehe

ImageImageImageCostume De Rigueur for Sparkling in Catlin: Anthropologie sequins turban (AW12), Topshop cardigan (AW12), Antonios Markos white silk dress

London-based people and the ones visiting! You should go and check the Crème de la crème of tomorrow’s art scene.

Which one would you vote for?

Till the decision comes,

Enjoy your weekend!



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2 comments on “Sparkling in Catlin
  1. Honey, I’d vote for you. Walking art 😉


  2. Wow…thank you Giota!!! hiiiighly appreciated comment from a blogger like you 😉


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