¡Hola! Turban ¡Hola! Peach ¡Hola! Sequins

Sorry for the lack of posts and responses these days, I was packing and travelling and returning back home for the summer!!! These photos are from the “cinematographic” Barri Gotic in Barcelona, where I want to spend the rest of my life, wandering around the gothic alleys…taking and been taken pictures… 😉

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageCostume De Rigueur for ¡Hola! Turban ¡Hola! Peach ¡Hola! Sequins: LOVE skater dress from Topshop, Vintage sequin bolero (similar), Warehouse blazer, Zara espadrilles, Moroccan Shesh from Marrakech, Pink Coral necklaces from Vietnam

The big question now! The Touareg Turban? Do I look like a bigheaded strange creature or you can live with that?


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4 comments on “¡Hola! Turban ¡Hola! Peach ¡Hola! Sequins
  1. So colorful.Looks lively and beautiful photos.

  2. ottomandandy says:

    Marvellous ! It really shines on you 😉 also very exotic flair !

  3. […] ¡Hola! Turban ¡Hola! Peach ¡Hola! Sequins (costumederigueur.com) […]

  4. […] ¡Hola! Turban ¡Hola! Peach ¡Hola! Sequins (costumederigueur.com) […]

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