Summer Update

ImageI just got back from Paris, exhausted and fascinated.. Working for Alexander Wang R14 Market event in a full of summer and shiny happy Parisians was a blessing and an experience I want to live again soon. 😉

I know, I was unfaithful to monsieur Costume De Rigueur those days, but Paris managed to seduce me with hard-working days and vin blanc sur la Seine nights.

Tomorrow my summer starts officially, I’ve been packing my colourful, lightweight wardrobe for an island hopping boat trip and that’s why I’m refreshing my nautical skills today, as you can see…

But, first we need to catch up ma chéries, so I shall start posting my parisian looks, right??

À tout à l’heure


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One comment on “Summer Update
  1. carolinabin says:

    Such a lovely picture!
    Your time in Paris should have been amazing!
    Tell us more 😉
    Coming plans for the summer?
    Xxx from London

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