Shades Of Paradise

Symi, Chalki, Tilos, Nisyros, Pserimos, Leros, Aspronisi, Leipsi and all the islets in between! Every year, at this particular time of the year, Greece reminds me that I can find paradise…










Have you ever been to Greece? What’s your favorite island?


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10 comments on “Shades Of Paradise
  1. Theresa says:

    I’ve never been but want too soon. Beautiful photos! What a stunning setting.


    The Habit

  2. ottomandandy says:

    I visited Athens and stayed in Monastraki 😉 I really liked it and sure will be back for the next time. You Greeks really conserved well the history.

    • Really ??that’s great! Did you have fun?? It should have been extremely hot, right? You have to come back on a cooler month..hahaha


      • ottomandandy says:

        Yes, it was hot but not disturbing because there was no humidity. A miracle of Aegean weather 🙂 I like the mediterranean atmosphere of the city ; and there is something about the Greeks , they like old things , the ancient cultures and antique items… By the way , were you in islands ? Whats your favorite island ? I wanna see Mitillini the most .

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