Fitting to an Orange Panama Hat

Mama’s golden summer rules.

Re-apply sunscreen every time you go out of the water, as burned skin is not a sexy skin and always wear a hat.

As always, Mom’s right, especially when you spend the whole day on deck, exposed to his filthy kisses…

ImageImageImageSo, I decided to stand up, look him straight in the eyes and have a word with him !

ImageCostume De Rigueur for Fitting to an Orange Panama Hat : Rip Curl bikini (similar), Homero Ortega Panama hat, Oysho cosmetics bag and a lot of wet beach towels…

Giiirls and maybe boys(?!), send me links of your summer time, places you’ve been, seas you swam into..I wanna see them!


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4 comments on “Fitting to an Orange Panama Hat
  1. milex says:

    That’s actually not bad.

  2. Ros.E. says:

    love your bikini and this hat!!!

    so great summer fotos…


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