Summer Auto-Stopping

The end of summer is approaching in the northern hemisphere.period

However, my summer heart is still on fire.poetry

My options are two. I should either travel to the southern hemisphere, where summer is on its way, temperature is going higher, clothes are getting off, beautiful bodies start packing Copacabana

or pack up my bikinis and move to a place closer to Equator

to hang out with Shakira in Colombia, go snorkelling in Maldives with Javier Bardem or looking for shrews in São Tomé & Principe.


no, no, no too expensive, it’s gonna be a long journey.

Heey you, Sun Of A Beach

How long have you been on the road?

Where are you heading off to?

Can you give me a lift to…

I have some nice music on my ipod.

ImageImageImagejImageImageCostume De Rigueur for Summer Auto-Stopping : Zara cover-up (old), Sun Of A Beach bag, Homero Ortega Panama hat, leg bracelets from Thailand, elephant hair!! arm bracelet from Burundi

Any tips on auto-stopping ??


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2 comments on “Summer Auto-Stopping
  1. Ros.E. says:

    🙂 this bag is great!
    actually I like also the place these fotos we taken…
    great job!

  2. Thank in Pserimos…quite of a strange island…ahahhaa


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