Oh, it’s so last year!

It took me a year to finally put on this surf-style bathing suit from H&M! Upon purchase, I thought it would be the perfect piece for developing my – summer’s extreme sports -skills..

Looking gorgeous, while struggling to stand on the wake-board…

However, this summer’s hot mirrored sunglasses trend was even better and less risky.

Et voilà !ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageCostume De Rigueur for Oh, it’s so last year! : H&M (last summer season) bathing suit, Touch by Franco Sordelli sunnies, Tiffany & Co Palm Tree pendant

What do you think about it? Do you mind seeing last season’s pieces on blogs?


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2 comments on “Oh, it’s so last year!
  1. I love the colors and the cut too cause it’s uncommon.
    Meanwhile you have to know that you look pretty whatever you wear. Really.
    You have something both simple and sophisticated at the same time on your allure, independantly from the outfits so…

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