Oh My La Perla ! I should be catwalking in Milan Fashion Week*

* I guess I have to put all my money now into the Douche Bag Jar, but wait.


Important Info: No matter how much I would prefer to go straight to modelling at the tender age of 15, instead of studying for Law School ever after, my beloved mum and dad forgot some 15 to 20 cms in storage for their next offspring (my younger brother is 15 now and 1.90cm tall!!)

Oh thank you God of Genes for this fair sharing!

So, my “catwalking” today was more of a struggling to stand on this stupid concrete thing next to the pool and not only stand still and straight, but also do it with charm, posing to Marina and Niovi, who were laughing every time the wind blew…

Costume De Rigueur for Oh My La Perla! I should be catwalking Milan Fashion Week : La Perla one piece (old), & Other Stories crownless hat (SS13)

P.S :.cat•walk (ˈkætˌwɔk)

a narrow walkway, esp. one high above the surrounding area, used to provide access or allow movement



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3 comments on “Oh My La Perla ! I should be catwalking in Milan Fashion Week*
  1. Une petite Bruxelloise says:

    Hahah, great photos, the light is amazing!! P.S.: When are you going to stop posting photos og beaches and swimwear, people are seriously cold here!!!!! Enjoy the rest of the summery days!!!! xx

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