Stefano Pilati’s ZERO for Agnona

I fell in love with Agnona when, on my 12th birthday my mum brought me for present the famous cashmere-silk scarf in pastel pink. By that time, I didn’t have a clue about Agnona scarves and, at first, I got a bit disappointed she hadn’t bought me a Burberry or a Louis Vuitton one.. I know, I know 1 euro from Myrta in The Douche Bag Jar.

Well, it was those dark years. But, as always, mum’s right.

And that love became lilac and grey and lemon and mint.

…And then in 2012, Stefano Pilati took over and 4 days ago, he showcased his first collection for Agnona, named ZERO in a pop-up store during Milan Fashion Week. His inspirations, surfing in Hawaii that appeared in the Japanese motif Palaka and the avant-garde artists’ Group ZERO that came together in Düsseldorf during the late fifties showed clearly his intentions about Zegna Group, as well said by an insider “Revolution at Zegna, evolution at Agnona”. Or reinvention, as Tim Blanks noted in

To be honest I didn’t expect such an unconventional collection from a classic brand, as Agnona. I am so happy I was wrong ! (once again)


Do youuu like them ??


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