M like Marinari, like Marni, like Magic

It’s Marinari’s international day today.

So I’m gonna play a song..


ImageImageImageAnd if
There’s a spell on you that
I could take away
I would do the deed
Yeah, and by the way
Here’s to Heaven knows
As the circle goes
It ain’t right
I’m uptight
Yeah, get on my toes!

ImageImage Image Time

Don’t let it slip away
Raise yo’ drinkin’ glass
Here’s to yesterday
In time
We’re all gonna trip away
Don’t piss Heaven off
We got Hell to pay
Come full circleeeee….

You may always have full circles in your life Marinari mou…Happy Birthday.

My gift consists of  a Juju de Kokimo jacket, Topshop skirt (similar), Marni brogues, Calzedonia tights, a vintage magician’s hat to do some magic and a trompet to play some music


P.S. M like aerosMith too..

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3 comments on “M like Marinari, like Marni, like Magic
  1. Those Marni brogues ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Nikos Markakis says:

    Εικόνα τρυφερή όπως το όσο παίρνει ο άνεμος

    Από το iPad μου

    12 Νοε 2013, 8:04 μ.μ., ο/η “Costume De Rigueur” έγραψε:

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