“Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story”

Born in Greece, now living in London, Myrta Mitropoulos is the owner of the carefully crafted blog Costume de Rigueur. In our recent interview with the girl behind the blog, Myrta gives us the lowdown on her life and discloses her favourite places to eat and shop in Europe…

Tell us a little bit about your blog. When and why did your start writing it and what inspires to write?

I started my blog late January 2013. Almost a year ago. One of New Year’s resolutions was to try and create a blog but I didn’t know exactly what kind of blog I wanted to do. One day, I came across the expression “de rigueur” in an article and I had an epiphany! I thought myself that in order to dress up everyday I have a brain process deciding what to wear. Using keywords like chic, tomboy, bored, sexy, casual, grunge, rainy day or summetime and more particular like seaside, ballet dancing, Frida Kahlo, Pulp Fiction, date after work, drinks out with friends, I create looks based on  ”What do I feel like wearing today?” and  ”What inspires me to dress up everyday?” In other words:  ”What’s my everyday Costume De Rigueur?”

Where is your favourite place to shop in your hometown and why?

In Athens is Avant Garde, a boutique that brings the best hand-picked pieces from contemporary Italian designers and 21 The Fashion Market, where Eva can travel you from Athens to Los Angeles and transform you from a tomboy to a preppy girl. London is all about the markets and vintage shops. And Dover Street Market on a payday! And in Paris, it’s cliché I know, but still, is Colette. Even without Saint Laurent…

You can read the whole of my low – down here

And let me know your comments…


P.S. Quote by Mason Cooley

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7 comments on “Interviewed!
  1. albë Blog says:

    A wonderful interview.

  2. Nikos Markakis says:

    Να τρως λίγο λίγο για να μη πάρει ο άνεμος το. Παντελόνι βεβαίως και καταλαβαίνω απο στυλ απλά σου απαντώ και εγω με στυλ

    Από το iPad μου

    15 Νοε 2013, 2:13 μ.μ., ο/η “Costume De Rigueur” έγραψε:

  3. Nikos Markakis says:

    Από το iPad μου

    Έναρξη προωθημένου μηνύματος:

    Από: “Liana Kallierou”
    Προς: “Nikos Markakis”
    Θέμα: Προώθηση: LIANA KALLIEROU-Invitation

  4. Nikos Markakis says:

    Από το iPad μου

    Έναρξη προωθημένου μηνύματος:

    Από: Costume De Rigueur
    Ημερομηνία: 25 Δεκεμβρίου 2013 8:40:33 μ.μ. EET
    Θέμα: [New post] Christmas Day Tune!
    Απάντηση-Προς: “Costume De Rigueur”

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