Where In The World is CDR??

Or the Karlie Kloss effect..

Hope you all know what I’m talking about, otherwise I’m just a girl wearing a pair of Christian Dior après-ski boots, an oversized Chanel fur bracelet and a super mini Lapin skirt..

Oh God.

But let’s try first the Karlie Kloss – best case – scenario.

A miniature 3D-printed doll of myself that has traveled just like another Phileas Fogg to Elatos for the weekend and was taken pictures all around…the resort

On the picnic table


and on the trunk stool


Right out of the pipe


from the back

and in black & white


waiting for the icicles to melt


Where is my Mini – Me??


FYI : The photos look like I’ve added myself afterwards on Photoshop. I DID NOT. I actually went to this place. Ask the photographer.


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2 comments on “Where In The World is CDR??
  1. Τέλειες φωτογραφίες!
    Θα χαρώ να ακούσω τη γνώμη σου για το νέο μου blog mademoiselle-rania.blogspot.com

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