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Stars & Cocktails

Stars and Cocktails at City Bistro! Because N was late again. So, I found a way to entertain myself…Having a delicious rum cocktail..and another one… By the end of the day, I could only see…stars N drove me home safely.

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I was waiting at the bus stop to meet you on a Valentine’s Day

 But you didn’t appear.  I started wandering around. among city’s crowd  I had my eyes wide open in case you’re passing by me I posed, as I thought I saw you and I kept looking around.. Costume De Rigueur for I was

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The World Is My Playground Too OR how to style your graphic t-shirt

I finally found literally my graphic t-shirt, as it’s not a new purchase but rather an old – never worn though, I have to mention – prototype – meaning I am the only one that has it (hohoho) – from

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When Isabella Blow Walks In the Room

I think is the best fashion film I’ve seen so far. I haven’t decided yet if it’s Bryan’s Ferry voice or Isabella’s Blow incredible wardrobe or Ruth’s Hogben direction that made me watch it so many times.. For projects like

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A celebrated one! Or arriving in Paris..

Yesterday it was my nameday! Yes, yes, we – the Greeks – are making a big fuzz on namedays too! So, I decided to post a few lot photos of a shooting, urban-fashion week-september inspired… ( all these together) No

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One For The Mum, Two For The Show!

 Today it’s my mum’s birthday! So what more could a fabulous daughter do, than to make a post about the necklace that she brought me from Memphis, Tennessee on a journey she did with her sister ? That’s your present mama!

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