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Friday is for dog whisperers

Every respectable blogger in the fashion blogosphere owns a pet. Chiara of has Matilda, Liz of, Boogie, Rumi of has Kumo, Keiko of, Miku, Betty of a rabbit without name. I… borrow Chekhov, Niovi’s beautiful yet not so easy to handle, golden retriever, who was overexcited to spend the day

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Feeling like a Chanel model in the woods

It’s the trend of the season! Ok, I have to rephrase it. It’s my trend of the season! I’ve always had a thing for the three – piece suit – jacket, shirt, pants..altogether! Yes, on the same occasion. Sounds like,

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I felt like skeet shooting today

Skeet Shooting is a recreational activity,according to Wikipedia; so the perfect way to start your day on a cold Monday morning…You just need your grandmama’s vintage fur (you can find a good bargain at Spitalfields Market), a Dakine shearling hunter

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Feeling Gray

Just to prove myself – and the rest of the fashion world – that Gray can fit perfectly on a Friday evening. Ok, I have to admit it, I have a thing for the doors of the vernacular houses of

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La nouvelle vague

It’s everywhere I look From Las Vegas to right here Under your dresser To this priceless ballet The clock is ticking its last couple of tocks And there won’t be a party with weathering frocks “Deux ou trois choses que

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