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I woke up like this…

and went to the swimming pool in my bathing suit I took off my jacket and got ready to throw myself in the not so warm water but I sat down, still wearing my boots, to have a thought there was

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Where In The World is CDR??

Or the Karlie Kloss effect.. Hope you all know what I’m talking about, otherwise I’m just a girl wearing a pair of Christian Dior après-ski boots, an oversized Chanel fur bracelet and a super mini Lapin skirt.. Oh God. But

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It’s the Year of the Horse…and of Riding Hats, New Balances and Oranges

Happy New Yeaaaaaaaaaar! Hahahahahaha I’m obviously celebrating the Chinese New Year – duh- that was on the 31st of January, as New Year like you know the common New Year is sooo passé! Same day every year, buy presents, find the

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The Hat Over The Scarf

A hat and a scarf. A scarf and a hat. A scarf and over it, a hat. A floral scarf and a black hat on top of it.And a pair of socks and a perforated leather bag. For some extra

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How to get to London Fashion Week

In search of the perfect means to get to London by the 15th of September for LFW! I need something big, with a lot of space for my luggage, a lot of style and ability to open the road while

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Cheers to Fashion Weeks!

  I put on my best SS14 – aspiring outfit , I stood front row to have the most breathtaking view and I filled up my glass with pink champagne… Swimming pool style photographers were asking me for my best

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