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In full bloom ?!?

Ok fashion people, as you can see I am trying and I am trying hard to make him* stay a bit longer with us…I am wearing my blossom-like pieces and I am dancing to the dance of please-winter-go-away-go-away-finally and I

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I felt like skeet shooting today

Skeet Shooting is a recreational activity,according to Wikipedia; so the perfect way to start your day on a cold Monday morning…You just need your grandmama’s vintage fur (you can find a good bargain at Spitalfields Market), a Dakine shearling hunter

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La nouvelle vague

It’s everywhere I look From Las Vegas to right here Under your dresser To this priceless ballet The clock is ticking its last couple of tocks And there won’t be a party with weathering frocks “Deux ou trois choses que

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It’s raining colourful rhombuses…

The weather is dramatic today in Athens! Heavy rain and strong wind, almost like Wuthering Heights…Hhmm maybe sited in a more urban environment and Heathcliff missing.. Trying to stylish//cheer// up myself on this moody day (not in the mood at

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