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Juju De Kokimo – The Long Series

People may call us Amazons, Pleiades or even Daenerys Targaryen..We are all daughters of Atlas (world), companions of Goddess Artemis (Diana in roman), desirable by every man, protected by dragons… However, every modern Amazon that respects her heritage and exposes her style

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Sunday’s Brunch Time Stripes & Lilac

  In the countryside this weekend, seaside to be precise…Having an all-day brunch in my American Apparel leggings, Uniqlo boyfriend’s sweater (similar here & here), mum’s tailored blazer (simiral here & here)and Burton Beanie (similar here & here). But then we had

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Feeling like a Chanel model in the woods

It’s the trend of the season! Ok, I have to rephrase it. It’s my trend of the season! I’ve always had a thing for the three – piece suit – jacket, shirt, pants..altogether! Yes, on the same occasion. Sounds like,

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Was there an easier way to finish my pleasant Sunday evening ?

Today, I was invited to my friend’s Penny birthday party.She had arranged an all day eating – drinking session in “Avli”,a greek tapas place in downtown Athens. We spend 5 hours chatting, laughing, fighting for politics, drinking, opening presents, keep

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