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Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

Ok, everybody can assume that I am not that fortunate to have Sissy’s Hankshaw huge thumbs…but I can still be a cowgirl and sometimes I do get the blues… Ha Ha Ho Ho Hee Hee To be continued…. *floral ring

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Juju De Kokimo – The Long Series

People may call us Amazons, Pleiades or even Daenerys Targaryen..We are all daughters of Atlas (world), companions of Goddess Artemis (Diana in roman), desirable by every man, protected by dragons… However, every modern Amazon that respects her heritage and exposes her style

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There was a ray of light..

We got it clearly Dries Van Noten…Even though we love you every season, this one is definitely yours. We are going to wear plaids, checked shirts, blouses  -you may call them however you want-  in every color, fabric and shape

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Red plaid rebel

However, after being angry, I got hungry… It’s been a hard rebel’s day today…kicking abandoned mattresses…breaking broken windows…deciding which crisps to buy…I am exhausted… And it’s freezing again here…as Vanessa said…It smells like spring….Your call ?? CDR PS: Zara pants,

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