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A celebrated one! Or arriving in Paris..

Yesterday it was my nameday! Yes, yes, we – the Greeks – are making a big fuzz on namedays too! So, I decided to post a few lot photos of a shooting, urban-fashion week-september inspired… ( all these together) No

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This is How We Easter – Part 2

Last Sunday afternoon, Easter’s excuse for endless food – drinking sessions continued at our friends’ backyard in Dalston. The successful recipe contained again amazing homemade food, colourful salads, sour and sweet pies, a lot of booze of course, and as

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Feel I am going to wear my cowichan and get my boombox to sail away to Coachella..

Yeah, blah blah blah…and L.A is far away and Coachella is going to be packed and the line up is not that good and the tickets are sold out and your clothes and shoes will end up really dirty and

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Saturday’s Roccoco vintage shopping

This is one of my favorite vintage stores in London. It’s in Brick Lane , 2 minutes walk from my house and it’s the store I got the blue tutu I was wearing in a previous post. I love this

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